5 easy tips to make sure you're cleaning your home properly

Written by Sophie Barrow

5 easy tips to make sure you're cleaning your home properly

We've put together our top 5 tips to make sure that when you're cleaning, you're actually getting the job done and not just pushing dirt around instead!

  1. Clean away large bits of dirt first

    This probably goes without saying, but make sure you clean away large food debris, bits of dirt etc before you get down to the actual clean.

  2. Always follow the instructions
    Of course, we all know how to clean, but each product is different and so it's so important to follow the instructions and make sure you're cleaning for maximum effect with your chosen product!

  3. Elbow grease and clean the washing machine!
    It's easy to simply wipe at a surface and because it "looks" clean you assume that it is, but aside from making sure you've followed the instructions, make sure to actually scrub at the surface you are cleaning (you don't need to scrub so hard you end up taking a layer off though either!) Once a week put the washing machine with nothing inside to give it a thorough clean.

  4. Target high touch surface areas
    We know it's easy to forget these, but make sure that you are cleaning the bannisters, door handles, window handles as well as your kitchen counter tops and taps. 

  5. A little daily and often is better then one big clean a week
    By making sure that you do a little and bit often each day you're making sure that you're cleaning routine is effective, this doesn't mean that you shoudl eschew the big weekly clean, but make sure that these high touch surface areas get attention often! 

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