5 reasons to choose bath oil over bubble bath!

Written by Sophie Barrow

5 reasons to choose bath oil over bubble bath!

Aside from its luscious feel, bath oil has many benefits over bubbles. Let's take a look at the top five reasons to choose bath oil rather than bubble bath! 


To make the bubbles in bubble bath, there needs to be a surfactant or detergent involved. This is most often Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). These can be tough on your skin because they strip the natural oils from your skin. This can result in dry skin and eczema. If you already struggle with these it might be worth swapping out your bubbles for oil and see if it makes a difference.

Bath oil, on the other hand, doesn't require any detergent. Some of the best oils to look out for in bath oils are:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Apricot Oil
Synthetic Fragrance vs Essential oils

The fragrance in skincare products is often labelled as 'parfum', but what does this actually mean? If ingredients are included in small enough quantities, products aren't required to have them listed on the labels. This doesn’t mean that they aren't dangerous or bad for your skin.

For those with sensitive skin, 'parfum' can be a huge problem. It can cause irritation without knowing exactly what the problem is.

While essential oils aren't 100% irritation free (everybody's skin is different), it's a lot less likely that you'll suffer from any reactions when using them over synthetic products. If you do suffer, it's definitely worth trialing oil over bubbles!

Artificial Colour

Bubble bath often comes in a pretty colour. To be fair, who wouldn't want a pretty pink or purple bath? The downsides are that these are artificial colours. They could have similar effects to synthetic fragrances and are likely to be made from harsh ingredients rather than soft, au-natural ones.

With bath oil, it might not come in a fancy colour, but its benefits far outweigh it's golden-ish (not so bad) colour.

Skin-nurturing ingredients

Essential Oils can not only help to avoid irritation, but actually have benefits for your skin. Many oils have a nurturing and moisturizing effect - just like the ones we have in our bath oil! Oils are able to penetrate the outer layers of skin, creating an occlusive layer which helps trap water underneath. This makes skin soft and moisturized! One more benefit of using oil over bubble bath: oil will leave your skin supple and moisturized!

Water content

And we're not talking about the water in your bath here… No, rather the water content in bubble bath. Bubble bath contains roughly 70% water, which means when you buy it, you're spending a lot of money on just water! In contrast, bath oil, when organic, is usually of great quality and contains nearly 100% oil.

This means nearly 100% active ingredients rather than 30%. That's a lot more goodness that can be transferred into your skin to make it supple, soft and glowing.

Which would you rather? Check out our organic body oil here.

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