Essential Travel apps to download

Written by Sophie Barrow

Essential Travel apps to download

Heading for a late-summer vacay? Or planning to escape the beginning of winter temperature drop? These apps will take any stress or complication out of planning your trip and take care of some of the admin while you're away. Happy holidays! 

Packr - the packing app

Spend hours trying to decide what to pack? No longer! The Packr app will devise your packing list for you. All you have to input is where you're going, for how long, the kind of activities you'll be doing, transportation you'll be taking and your accommodation. Packr will then figure out everything you'll need! 

MindBody - the wellness app

MindBody is THE app for those who love a good fitness class. MindBody helps you discover classes anywhere in the world. You just have to select your location and time, and MB provides a list of classes available.

The app also has the ability to find the any wellness and beauty services you require. From massages to manis, MB will show you the nearest salons and allow you to book through the app. 

Hipmunk - book your holiday! 

To begin with, it's probably a good idea to book the holiday ;) and Hipmunk is the ideal place to find the vacay you're looking for. You can book flights and hotels on the app, but what makes it unique is that its accommodation options include those from alternative sites, such as AIrbnb and HomeAway. 

It's not your conventional hotel bookings site! 

Airhelp - for when not everything goes to plan... 

If you've ever been unlucky enough to experience a delayed or cancelled flight, Airhelp will be right up your alley. Claiming compensation is a complicated and time consuming task. With AirHelp, all you have to do is enter your flight number and the details of your problem and the company takes care of the rest. If the claim goes through, they claim 25% and you get the rest. 

Detour - the only tour guide you'll need

Do you ever find yourself wandering round beautiful streets of a new holiday destination? Taking in your surroundings and intriguing culture? Then Detour could be the orange slice to your Aperol Spritz. The app gives you GPS-guided audio walks in various cities around the world. The tour is narrated by a local so you'll be getting the insides out of the place! 

Google Trips - create an itinerary!

Once you download the app, Google Trips pulls all your confirmation emails from flights, hotels, etc. and adds them to your itinerary. 

The app also has a "getting around" feature which has all things logistical - how to get to your destination from the airport, and the "need to know" capability features emergency services, shopping and WiFi locations. 

The "day plans" tab, however, is our favourite part. It suggests attractions and activities based on your interests, all laid out on a Google map! 

App in the Air - to keep things running smoothly at the airport

Not only does App in the Air keep track of itineraries, boarding passes and frequent-flier programs, but also boarding and landing times, plus waiting times for check-in, security and customs. 

The best feature? With augmented reality, the app helps you decide whether your carry on luggage will fit on the next flight. 

This app also pulls tips from other travellers about the best coffee and any specific shops you might be looking for. 

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