How to get your home ready for autumn

Written by Sophie Barrow

How to get your home ready for autumn

With summer coming to a close it's time to turn our attention once again to the inside of our homes and prepare for autumn. 

Much like spring, Autumn is another wonderful time to sweep through our homes and clear out the cobwebs, personally I like to also refresh my wardrobe and donate/recycle any items I don't wear or won't wear again. As Marie Kondo says, if it doesn't spark joy... (you know the rest!)

So how do you prepare your home for autumn? 

Below we have listed our top 5 tips to get your home feeling ready and cosy for the cooler months ahead (and for those of you who are lucky enough to live in warm weather all year round, this is still a good time to refresh your home!)

  1. Mow the lawn one last time
    If you have a garden, then now is the perfect time to mow the lawn before the damper months set in and pushing a tractor or lawnmower through the grass becomes a sludgy mess. Having a beautiful lawn will certainly help when the rain and dark sets in as it means you don't have to look out of the window at a jungle of weeds and mess. 
  2. Deep clean your home
    Most of us have probably spent our time outside, enjoying our gardens and balconies and letting the fresh air blow into our homes through wide-open windows. But with autumn on the way and the weather cooling down it's a good time to roll up your sleeves and give the home a deep clean so it feels fresh for when you hunker down in jumpers with hot drinks and a good book!
  3. Get some candles
    This will certainly help to set the hygge atmosphere as we begin to spend more time indoors. I like to use organic candles that remind me of my favourite places and smell fresh and energising. Setting the tone for a warm and cosy home will only make us feel better as we begin to spend more and more time inside. 
  4. Invest in some self-care items
    There is nothing I love more than spending an evening with a face mask, a good book (maybe some wine if it's a Friday) and sinking into a beautifully scented bath using organic bath oils and/or bath salts. If you don't have a bath then why not pamper yourself with some organic body oil and a hair mask. 
  5. Declutter
    I already mentioned that I go through my wardrobe at the end of summer, as I swap my wardrobe from summer to winter I like to make sure I am only holding onto items that I love. But this is also a good time to declutter your home of unwanted or unused items. 

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