How to make your home feel zen amidst the chaos

Written by Sophie Barrow

How to make your home feel zen amidst the chaos

It's nearly been three months since lockdown began, which is leaving us all a little chaotic - especially if you're juggling having kids at home, a job, virus anxiety and so on... Despite lockdown restrictions beginning to ease up, no doubt you're still feeling cooped up and (even though we love them) maxed out with people you've isolated with. Here are some ways you can make your home feel zen amidst the chaos! 

1. Go for neutral tones

Earthy colours can turn a busy room into a zen haven. Colours such as beige, cream, pink, sage, grey and white, can have a calming effect, allowing you to relax in the space. 

If you love a splash of colour, try using a toned-down version of it to compliment earthy shades. The key to a zen-den is to have a space that makes you feel truly at ease and happy. 

2. Place soft textures under your feet

Feeling in touch with textures beneath your feet can help you feel grounded and calm. In fact, if you're feeling particularly anxious at the moment, sitting or lying with your feet on a soft floor can help reduce those feelings. 

This doesn't have to be carpet. Smooth wood works as well - just choose a texture that feels nice under your feet. If you do opt for carpet, try to find one that's pure wool or cotton. This will provide the highest level of comfort for your feet.

Of course fluffy, soft rugs feel lovely under your feet, and we'd highly recommend for any living or bedroom!

3. Keep furniture minimalistic 

A room cluttered with furniture is far from relaxing - furniture that's cluttered with intricate designs can be just as stressful. Furniture and decor with simple lines rather than detail can really add the zen to a zen-den. 

Reducing the number of items in your room will open up the space, making it seem more breathable and calming. This, along earthy tones, will really help you create a home you can feel calm in.

4. Work with natural light 

While harsh light can go as far as causing anxious feelings, calm and soothing light, designed to replicate natural light, can help turn any space into a zen-den. 

One tip to create some ambient lighting is to mix it up with light sources in a room. Try to avoid a bright lights from the ceiling. Instead, install a dimmer light for your ceiling. You could also try adding floor lamps and table lamps around the room to lower the light source, which diffuses it and creates a space of tranquility. 

Finally, don't forget candles - the ultimate zen-den light source! Experiment with different scents to find one that you connect with. For the bedroom, lavender and sage essential oils can help you sleep deeply, while sandalwood would work in any living room with it's welcoming, earthy scent. 

5. Bring the outside in

We're a fan of indoor plants. Not only for their physical impact on our bodies (i.e. cleaning air), but they have a positive effect on our mental health. They increase relaxation and can improve symptoms of depression or anxiety. They've also been proven to increase concentration, especially in children. 

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