How to Phase in an Organic Makeup Routine

Written by Sophie Barrow

How to Phase in an Organic Makeup Routine

Say goodbye to expensive, harmful products with this easy guide to phasing in an organic skin routine. While committing yourself to organic skincare means understanding the labels of everything you're buying and taking some care over which products you use, there are many benefits.

Our skin is more sensitive than we realise, absorbing nearly everything that it comes into contact with, especially products that are designed to be absorbed… Conventional products contain all kinds of harsh ingredients like parabens and sulfates and many others that we don't even realise! Did you know that your makeup remover probably has cyclopentasiloxane in it, and your foundation is corrupt with octinoxate and oxybenzone.

Many people see skin issues clear up or their skin become softer after switching to organic. Even though everyone's skin is different, it's definitely worth a try if you struggle with your skin, or if you're just after a healthier you.

Switch it out…

…one at a time. This is the most useful tip if the thought of going organic is a little overwhelming. Start by switching out your conventional products one at a time. When they're empty, replace them with a new, organic product. This is great for the wallet and gives you time to shop around for the right product.

Be patient

Patience is a virtue when it comes to organic. As we've already mentioned, everyone's skin is different. This means it will probably react differently to your friends or family when applying new products. You might find that you have to allow a whole month to really see if a product is working. It could take time to get used to it and for you to see the benefits. Alternatively, it could be an immediate transformation! The trick is to give it time. And if a product doesn't work out? Try a different organic one!

New makeup, new you

We all know what it's like to start a new self-care project. Whether it's buying a new pair of leggings for some gym motivation or a new cook book for a healthier diet, sometimes it's the little luxuries that make all the difference. Going organic with your skincare is no different. Think about what might motivate you. Maybe a refrigerated rose quartz to apply your moisturiser? Or a new step in your routine you've never thought about before. I, for one, found motivation when I bought a new primer - it's revolutionary!

Bring a buddy along

Bringing a buddy along on your organic journey can have a number of benefits. They can provide motivation, but it's also handy having someone to discuss products with. You can learn about what they like/dislike about certain products, and even try each other's products to help save some money when trialling. Take into account how your skin might be different and what you both currently use which is similar or not, to get a better understanding of what might work for both of you.

Do things for a reason

Don't be a sheep! There's no point making adjustments to your routine if you're not aware of the benefits. Do some research and read up on organic skincare. Make sure you're doing it for the right reasons, rather than just switching because it seems popular. This will encourage you to keep on top of your new organic lifestyle and not fall into old habits when buying products. 

Be consistent

While any small change can make a difference, work towards a fully organic skincare routine. This includes more than just makeup. Think makeup remover, moisturiser, body oil, face wash and so on. The less chemicals and harsh ingredients on your skin the better!

Quick tip: for an organic eye-makeup remover, dampen a cotton-wool pad with warm water, apply some organic coconut oil and remove makeup gently. It's simple and effective!

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