How to support your immune system during winter

Written by Sophie Barrow

How to support your immune system during winter

If you need a good winter immune system any year, this is probably the year. With covid cases on the rise again and winter only a few months away, now is the time to start building your immune system. Here are a few tips to help you get building and boosting as the cooler weather sets in. 

1. Keep active

Did you know that exercise can help boost the immune system? Physical activity improves circulation which helps white blood cells transport to parts of the body that they're needed. Exercise can also help remove toxins from muscles and organs. Detoxification boosts the immune system. 

Also, working out can lower stress levels and aid sleep - two more elements that can improve your immunity. 

2. Get a good night's sleep 

You may not be surprised to hear that sleep deprivation can increase the risk of catching an illness. When we sleep, our bodies have time to recover and fight off any illnesses. Lack of sleep can also increase levels of stress and inflammation in your body. Inflammation can sometimes make you feel run down and can slow down your body fighting infections. 

3. Eat healthy and varied 

Winter weather can make it tempting to fill up on unhealthy comfort foods. However, your immune system is heavily reliant on nutrients to fight infections. It's also helpful to avoid food and drink that will have a negative impact on your immune system, such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol and refined carbs. Add lots of fruit and veg to your diet during winter months and consider taking supplements to ensure you're getting enough vitamins and minerals. 

4. Get as much daylight as possible

Winter may not be when you want to spend lots of time outside, but when we do have sunny weather, it could really help your immune system. This will help increase vitamin D levels, which are important for fighting illness, but getting out and about in the fresh air can also help your mental and physical health - both of which are crucial for optimal immune strength. 


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