Master your Mornings

Written by Sophie Barrow

Master your Mornings

Hands up if you aren’t a morning person! For those not lucky enough catch the early worm READ ON. We’ve got the low down on how to become a morning person and master those mornings! As the mornings start drawing out, this will be your guide on getting out of bed and owning your morning routine. 

Simplicity is key. 

Your alarm goes off and you have 101 things to do before leaving the house. Climbing out from under a toasty duvet is hard when you know you'll be rushed doing chores at 7AM.

Our top tip on becoming a morning person is keep your mornings simple. The night before get your handbag packed, hair washed, clothes ironed etc. Save your time in the morning for the things you love. This might be a delicious breakfast, a choosing an outfit or having a bath.

Sort out a schedule.

In her book Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin writes, "Habits eliminate the need for self-control… Habits make change possible by freeing us from decision-making."

Self control is at the heart of being a morning person. If you resist the temptation to stay in bed, like clockwork you’ll get up in the morning. Morning people don’t think about getting up, they just do it - and that’s how a censure can help you. Having a habitual routine for your mornings will release you from having to find the will power to get up. You’ll get up because it’s the norm, not because you have to.

Adjust gradually.

Large adjustments to your morning routine could send you bouncing back to old habits of snoozing and giving up on an early morning routine entirely. Try moving your alarm 15 minutes earlier each day to slowly adjust to an early wake up.

Eat and drink well.

It's easier to get up early when you've had good quality sleep. So, think about your food and drink! Try not to go to bed too full or hungry as this could disrupt your sleep. Make sure you eat dinner at least one or two hours before bed. If you typically have dinner early, make sure you have a snack an hour before bed time if you're feeling peckish!

Be careful not to drink too much before you sleep, either, or you might find yourself taking frequent trips to the bathroom during the night!

Get snug.

Another way to improve sleep quality is to be as cosy as possible! If your bedroom is too hot or too cold, you'll probably find it harder to get restful sleep. Also make sure your mattress is comfy and doesn’t make you ache in the morning! 

A tidy, aesthetically appealing space is also great to help you relax before bed for peaceful sleep! 

Set your motive.

Having a reason for your adjustments will give you the will power to get up early. Make sure it's something that means a lot to you – perhaps you would like to workout first thing to free up evenings, or to spend time primping!

Make the move.

If you wake up just before your alarm, your immediate reaction will be to rest your eyes until it's time to get up or scroll through Instagram. However, when you wake up naturally, it's usually because you're in a light sleep stage. This means you'll feel more alert – a great way to start your day. If you stay in bed for an extra few winks of sleep, you might fall into that deep sleep which makes you feel groggy for the rest of your morning.

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