Moving? 5 ways to make your home healthier

Written by Sophie Barrow

Moving? 5 ways to make your home healthier

New year, new house? Here are 5 ways to make your new home healthier! 

Select a second-hand sofa

Have you ever bought a new sofa that reeks of chemicals after unwrapping it? Unfortunately, this isn't uncommon. New sofas contain many harmful chemicals that add nothing but harm to your new home. New couches also have a lot of fibres which can trigger allergies. After some time, these fibres fall out and brush off, meaning a second hand sofa could help you avoid an allergy attack if you're prone to have them. 

Head to eBay, Gumtree or any other second hand sites to see if you can give preloved sofa a home! 

Get yourself a natural mattress

We sleep for about 25 years of our life, so it's important to ensure that your mattress is good for you. Conventional mattresses have lots of synthetic, toxic materials which generally aren't biodegradable or sustainably produced. Opt for an 100% natural and biodegradable mattress (yes, they do exist!) to improve your home. Another good check is whether the products have been certified by The Soil Association. Natural mattresses are often made from materials like cashmere, lambs wool and organic cotton. 

Go natural with your furnishings 

The best part about moving house is decorating! Try and use items made from natural materials to reduce the toxicity of your new home. For example, choose organic cotton or linen for your bedding and rugs. Most of us don't need persuading to buy more plants, and not just because they're beautiful to look at. Some plants are amazing at purifying the air around them, to help clean up toxins in your home. Some of the best at this are Aloe Vera, Spider plants and English Ivy. 

Pick your paint wisely

It's no secret that newly painted walls emit chemicals... just think of the smell when you walk into a recently painted room! Most paints contain high levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are not only known carcinogens, but are highly toxic and are responsible for an array of health issues. 

Luckily, there are some fabulous brands that have a low VOC level. They're eco-friendly and will contribute hugely to your new healthier home!

Look to your lighting 

With smartphones, laptops, TVs and artificial lightbulbs, it's no wonder so many people are out of sync with natural rhythms of the day. Light is a stimulant that makes us feel awake and energetic. This means that natural daylight stimulates us when we're meant to be awake and artificial lighting tricks our bodies into being energetic. This becomes problematic in the evening when we should be winding down for bed, but our sources of entertainment keep us stimulated and awake, often resulting in poor levels of sleep. 

Something you could invest in is biodynamic lighting. This system works to change the synthetic light in your home to match the time of day. It mimics the cycle of natural daylight to change colour and intensity, making it easier to wind down in the evening and easier to get up in the morning! There are also sources that suggest this can help balance hormones like melatonin, serotonin and cortisol! Worth a try in our opinion! 

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