Our transparency promise to you!

Written by Sophie Barrow

Our transparency promise to you!

When my mother and I started KINN we knew that aside from the ingredients and efficacy of the product, we had to be transparent with you!

From our research, we could see that the industry was (and still is) rampant with greenwashing, to the point where many people we spoke to honestly believe that a certain large brand is "natural" and "green" when in reality out of the 83 products they have brought to market only 5 of them receive anything higher than a C grade (which makes it not very green) and most are D to F on EWG.org. 

So when we designed our website and started to discuss how we would speak with you and what we would share with you, we knew it had to be 100% upfront and honest. Even if things weren't perfect we felt it was more important to share this with you, then to pretend and greenwash our products and trick you into buying something that isn't what you actually wanted.  

This dedication to being as transparent as we can is why we proudly display our REAL natural percentage (as worked out by people with chemistry degrees who know what they are actually talking about) on our products and happily share our ingredients with you. It's why we're always happy to answer any questions you have and if we can't answer them ourselves we'll ask the chemist at our factory. It's why we don't make grandiose claims about 100% this 100% that because when you do the research it's rarely ever the case that anything is 100% anything. 

We talk a lot about aromatherapy at KINN and the use of essential oils, but one thing we don't discuss much is our dedication to making products that work. Products that combine science and hardcore facts and data with aromatherapy that is designed by someone in the industry who knows what they are talking about (we're talking about our uncle and founder of the Aromatherapy Association of America), we choose our essential oils because we can find the data and papers to back up that they actually do have these properties we're using them for, and not just because they smell fantastic. 

This industry is rife with mega-corp owned brands with pockets so deep they can spin any greenwashing story they like. So we hope that you appreciate our approach to honesty and know that when we say KINN is a brand you can trust, it truly is. We are a small, family-run business with a dedication to transparency at the core of our brand. We are KINN, for the people against greenwashing! 

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