The best non-toxic candles for autumn 2020

Written by Sophie Barrow

The best non-toxic candles for autumn 2020


We love a good candle at KINN HQ. Not only do they give a beautiful warm glow to any room, but the scents can be enough to lift our spirits for a tough day ahead or help us to unwind and relax. But, did you know that not all candles are created equally? 

Many candles contain chemicals we don't want to inhaling and the artificial scents are more headache inducing than relaxing and soothing. But what should you look for when purchasing a candle and how do you know you have a good one?

Scent - Many candles will use artificial scents (and some will charge a fortune for it on top!) so make sure that you look for candles that use real essential oils.

Wick - The wick of the candle is just as important as the scent, try and choose a wooden wick (like cherry wood or bamboo) or a cotton wick. It's also important to make sure it is not too large (or small) for the container, this will ensure that you aren't left with a candle getting too hot and you'll get optimum burn time. 

WaxIt is so important to make sure you choose a candle that is paraffin free and is made from natural wax. So many candles are made with petrochemical based waxes and these are not something you particularly want to be burning in your home.

Below we've rounded up top 5 candles for this autumn that will make your home that bit more inviting!

  1. Irusu - beautiful, delicate, scented with essential oils. These candles are made with soya wax and in small batches in London, we love the Dusk candle for cosy evenings.
  2. Bolt & Star - We love neroli... as you might have noticed with our laundry range, and finding a candle that combines some of our favourite scents in an uplifting, soya wax and as chemical free possible candle was so exciting.
  3. Eym - Developed while founder, Poppy, was pregnant, this candle is natural and made from soya wax. We can't help but fall for the minimalist design! 
  4. Follain - These chic and beautifully scented candles are natural and hand poured in the USA, their scents are inventive and they use coconut and soya wax.
  5. Slightly Bitter by Heretic - The candle brand that brought out such scents as Gwyneth Paltrow's "this smells like my vagina" has created an uplifting scent using grapefruit, lemon and neroli blossom. They use soya wax and are transparent about what goes into their products.

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