The fitness apps I am loving right now!

Written by Sophie Barrow

The fitness apps I am loving right now!

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For those of you who follow me personally (@Sophie_mlb) you might have noticed that I like to spend as much time as possible being active. But since the pandemic struck my exercise routine was thrown out of the window, gone was the time I had carved out in my day for exercise at the gym... I had to learn to love running outside again, and I had to find ways to enjoy exercising at home that were enjoyable and not repetitive and dull. In my quest to find a routine that works for me I have tried a lot of fitness apps... I think I might have tried every one available to me on the App Store, and these are the ones that I use and rate the most!

For Yoga
I love yoga, and whilst my practise can be a bit hit and miss, when I do step up to the mat (I like the liforme ones!) I love to use the Asana Rebel App. It has some seriously good flows from a solid stretch to an intense workout and I come away always feeling refreshed and revitalised after a flow! It also has an Apple TV version so you can stream the class from your TV and not just your phone. 

For my muscles
For me nothing beats Kayla Itsines, I remember when she first burst onto the fitness scene on instagram and I bought her very first PDF book. Well let me tell you, within 12 weeks I really was in amazing shape (without being bulky). The App, while a little pricey, is packed with so many amazing workouts, from ones just suing body weight, to ones that incorporate weights or things like your dining room chair. There is also great content for post natal and pregnancy workouts. Again this App also has a handy Apple TV version too. 

For running
This is one workout where I don't use an App, I usually run 5-10k and I try to do this a minimum of 3 times a week (though in the dead of winter that can dwindle down to once a week... if that!) I personally love to put on a podcast or tune into Clubhouse when I am running. But I have reached out to others who want to start running or have just started and an App I hear recommend time and time again is Couch to 5k

For my mental health

Mental workouts are just as important as physical ones! I always try to start my day with a gratitude journal and then I listen to Calm. But another App I love to use is the Wim How Method App that my fiancé introduced me to. On the WHM App I try to do the guided breathing and I find this really sets me up for the day and improves my concentration... not mention I seem to run better after I've done it! 


*Please note that all of the recommendations are my own and are not paid promotions. I would never recommend something I would not personally use myself. 

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