The top 5 laundry myths busted!

Written by Sophie Barrow

The top 5 laundry myths busted!

With so many cleaning and laundry hacks floating around the internet we felt it was time to separate fact from fiction with some good old fashion myth busting! So we’ve rounded up our top 5 common laundry myths so you know what to look out for!

Myth number 1 -You have to wash your clothes after every single wear!

A total fallacy and one that will damage your clothes rather than protect them. Of course is something get soiled or is truly a bit smelly then popping the garment in the wash is the best course of action, but all you really need to do is hang the item out to air, and if you feel they could do with a quick freshen then we recommend using a steamer. 

Most items can be washed every 3-4 wear, with he obvious exception of underwear and gym clothes. 

Myth number 2 - You have to hand wash cashmere

This one shocked a few of you on our YouTube channel, but yes, you really do not need to hand wash your cashmere. All you need is a garment bag and a cold wash on your machine, set the rotations per minute to the lowest possible setting, or you might have a hand wash setting on the machine, and make sure you use delicate wash and fabric conditioner. 

Myth number 3 - Freeze your jeans instead of washing them

This is truly a disgusting a myth that we’ve come across, not only are you transferring the dirt from your jeans to your freezer and everything else inside, but you really aren’t killing anything either. Denim certainly does not need to be washed often, but when the time comes, pop them in the washing machine or hand wash them.

Myth number 4 - The more detergent the better

Theres a reason that detergents come with a recommended amount to use, and this is because they’ve been tested to deliver optimal results. You might think that because you don’t see loads of bubbles when washing that you haven’t used enough, but the bubbles are merely there to give you the illusion of washing and cleaning, and in fact they serve little to no purpose at all and more often than not they are created by Sodium Lauryl Sulphate… not exactly an ingredient you want soaking into your clothes.

Myth number 5 - To get red wine out you need to put white wine on…

You’ve spilt a little red wine on your top… stop! Don’t reach for the Sancerre, instead reach for salt and a clean cloth. Lay your garment flat and coat the area in salt and allow this to soak up most of the stain. Once the salt is dry clean this off gently with a clean cloth. Obviously if you’re sat with guests you might not be able to remove your garment so you can also skip strait to blotting the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel and then we recommend getting it professionally cleaned.

So there you have it, the top 5 laundry myths busted wide open! 

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