'Tis the season to take care of your hair!

Written by Sophie Barrow

'Tis the season to take care of your hair!
With the winter months rapidly rolling towards Christmas, party season is upon us! Festive fun is fantastic, but maybe not so good for our hair. Party prep includes hair straightening and extra hair washes, which is often followed by champagne sipping and mulled wine - none of which does our hair any wonders. Not to mention the weather is drier and hangovers can make us (and our hair) dehydrated. 
So, 'Tis the season to take extra care over your hair! Here are some organic suggestions to condition, renew and give your luscious locks that well-deserved sparkle.
Avocado hair mask

Avocados are rich in vitamins and minerals, while egg contains certain proteins that your hair needs! This mask can help restore damaged hair and give it shine. 

  1. Remove the pit and mash 1 organic avocado
  2. Add 1 egg and mix 
  3. Leave on hair for 20 minutes then rinse several times. 
Contain frizz

The oils in this recipe are extremely conditioning to help battle frizz and stray hairs. 

  1. Mix a few drops of sandalwood oil into a teaspoon olive or jojoba oil 
  2. Rub between your palms and work into the tips of your hair
  3. For the stay hairs towards your roots, rub a smaller amount of the oil mixture in your palm then lightly apply throughout hair
DIY conditioner 

Olive oil is great for softening hair, while aloe vera is hydrating, and rosemary can help add body to your hair! 

Deep Hair and Scalp Conditioning treatment

Coconut oil is moisturising for your scalp and leaves your hair supple and smelling delicious! 

  1. Massage melted organic coconut oil into scalp and roots 
  2. Leave on for a couple of hours or overnight then wash with your usual hair-wash routine! 
NB do not melt oil in microwave or by putting directly over heat as it will damage the oil. Melt in a bain-marie by putting hot water in a bowl, in a smaller bowl put your coconut oil. Then place the smaller bowl in the hot water (making sure it floats!).
    Not technically organic, but a more natural, easy way get rid of gunk!

    Too many products can build up in your hair sometimes, including shampoo! When this happens your hair looks greasy, even if you've just washed it! 

    The trick?

    Add a teaspoon of baking powder to your hair while you shampoo can eliminate the build up and leave your hair looking clean and fresh. 

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