Transitional Skincare

Written by Sophie Barrow

Transitional Skincare

The turn of the season is always a particularly trying time for our skin. Even those of us with the smoothest of surfaces might face some unexpected challenges when it comes to skincare. The constantly flipping Spring climate is confusing, with warm temperatures suddenly dropping alongside cold harsh winds. Much like our misinterpretation of the warm weather leading to misguided fashion choices, our skin bounces from dry patches to oily T-zones. Young skin can be enough of a nuisance as it is. However, temperamental weather does not discriminate between age, skin quality or skin type. By tailoring your skincare routine around both your skin’s needs and the Spring conditions, you can regain that rosy glow alongside the spring in your step.


Your skin loves H2O just as much as the rest of your body. We all know that we should drink 2 litres per day, and we also know that it’s much harder than we think. But if your skin is suffering from dryness and sensitivity, drinking a glass of water every hour or so suddenly seems like much less of a hassle. By removing toxins from your body, your skin can become clearer and more resilient to the weather conditions as a result of increased water intake. Facial moisturiser is the obvious helping-hand when skin irritations strike. However, as someone with a history of struggling with acne, I have always been wary of moisturisers. I am very picky with what I apply to my skin, but if you are lucky enough to have angel-blessed skin then by all means, go moisturiser crazy. But if you are one of the unlucky ones and are prone to breakouts, stay away from oil-based moisturisers. In my experience they are devilish and your pores definitely won’t appreciate it.


Having an abundance of skincare products might be a pretty shot for your

Instagram story, but your skin won’t necessarily be thanking you. Overloading your skin with product can do the opposite of what their packaging promises and can lead to more sensitivity and outbreaks. Keeping your skincare routine natural and minimalistic can help to eradicate products that promote reactions and outbreaks, whilst allowing your skin to settle into a routine. Higher quality products will avoid the use of synthetic ingredients that exacerbate dryness and sensitivity; spending a bit more on your skincare can lead to long-lasting benefits. 



No, not the kind to hide the dryness, the kind in a pot that you keep in your fridge. Fresh masks are great with combating surface issues, especially dryness; their natural ingredients are selected for their hydrating and restorative powers, such as honey and peppermint. One pamper session per week can keep impurities at bay, exfoliate any dryness and balance out any uneven skin tone caused by harsh weather.


These skincare tips can help keep your skin smooth and flake-free during times of seasonal climate change. Makeup can be the next step in making the best of a bad skin day, however, it can also be your worst enemy. Avoid drying products such as powder or mattifying foundation and you’ll get off scot-free. Make it through the Spring and your skin can relish in the sunshine and salty holiday air of the Summer! 

Words: Tallula Lawrence-Bagnall 

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