Why natural, plant based cleaning is just as effective as the chemical heavy stuff!

Written by Sophie Barrow

Why natural, plant based cleaning is just as effective as the chemical heavy stuff!

We've seen a sharp increase in people reaching out to us this past couple of weeks asking if natural cleaning products get the job done when they're cleaning their homes against Coronavirus (yes they are just as effective!), and if they should be using antibacterial soaps? (the short answer is no to the antibacterial soap)

We could wax lyrical about the benefits of using natural, plant-based cleaning and how it's better for us and the environment until the cows come home, but we felt that it was also important to address why natural and plant-based cleaners are just as effective so you can be comfortable reaching for the good stuff (KINN!) over the harsh chemical-filled stuff! 

We would also like to add that we use natural ingredients that naturally fight bacteria (such as lavender and orange essential oils) and that citric acid and sodium carbonate (at the time of writing) is on the approved list by the EPA of ingredients that can be effective against Human Coronavirus. (please note we do not specifically make products to kill this virus, we just use an active ingreident/s on the EPA list)

With the panic around COVID-19 it's only natural to question what you're doing and to make sure that you really are doing the best for you and your family. So we will say this as gently as we can, you don't need to switch back to the bleach to keep your home clean! 

In fact, did you know that evidence suggests that the use of antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning products – particularly in combination with the over-prescription of antibiotics – may produce strains of multi-resistant organisms, and so consumers should avoid using antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning products unless they have a specific medical reason and have been advised to do so by their doctor.

In fact, it's just as important how you clean your home as to what you clean your home with. We've already discussed why you don't need to use antibacterial soaps to wash your hands, but did you know that the same holds true for our surfaces? Why would anyone want to use a registered pesticide to clean their home when all you need to do is lift the dirt, germs and bacteria from your surface and clean it away?

So what is the most important thing when you're cleaning your home and why are plant-based cleaners just as good?

It's quite simple, follow the instructions. Ok, it sounds a little annoying to be reminded this but the instructions are there to make sure that you get the best possible clean from the products you are using, and the most important thing is that when you clean you lift and remove the germs, bacteria and dirt. This is why on our kitchen spray we recommend that you spray the area, let it sit for a few seconds, give it a good scrub (nothing beats elbow grease) and then wipe the residue away with a clean damp cloth so that you aren't simply slathering your worktop in cleaning products and then letting the whole mixture dry back on (does anyone else worry about those no need to wipe away products... where do the germs and harsh chemicals go if they are just left to sit there and dry off?).

We've made a handy checklist to help keep your cleaning in tip-top form!

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